Session 1

Playing with Rubric and Admiring Photographs

Ni Writes

This week has been an eventful one with tales of the unknown and triumphs of the science club.

The smell was the best addition to the pressure plate triggered clockwork trebuchet trap, it should be at least a week before Rubric and the cubes have a chance of catching us unaware.

The Place to mention this week is the shadowed cliffs, the seagulls from there have been getting around.

On a side note the view from atop the house of glass is magnificent, I can see why the Rats love it.

Items from from the other washed up in a box on the cliffs, Victorian furniture if I remember from history lessons. And the Photographs.

There is something unusual about the photographs, or should i say what is in them. Perhaps a spirit, youkai or even an effect of dust.

It seemed to follow us to the Hayashi estate and since the warding charms reacted that cannot be good. Well have to try exposing the photos to the light of the sun to see what happens.

I’ll have to ask everyone else if they noticed anything.


stealthH AlphaBetacat

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