Session 4

How to make friends, and terrify people

Masae writes

With the Festival only a week away, Fortitude is as bustling as it could be. Nami is very busy with her current work; a head-dress in glass for Ayumi, the Sacred Child. Nami and I went to visit her, so Nami could make sure on the fitting of the piece. We were both horrified, and a little speechless, when confronted with the merciless teaching methods of Katrina Yamanov, formerly a Sacred Child and instructor to Ayumi.

In his usual fashion, San Ni snuck a mean-spirited sign onto the teachers back, a prank which almost earned further willow-cane marks for the Sacred Child, and perhaps for the two of us as well. Only our incredible composure spared us from punishment for the suddenly absent San’s action.

Doing our best to monopolise the Child’s time (and prevent Katrina-sama finding reasons to beat her further) Nami and I managed to arrange for Ayumi to visit The House of Crystal for tea, and a further fitting, to make the head-dress looked perfect – and to offer a distraction from her intensive training.

George, beginning to wonder if there could possibly be more to life than simply being really really really good looking (and breaking up glass for his father), began to investigate the expressive potential of dance. He certainly didn’t bargain for what came next – he found himself caught up in a whirlwind of emotive power, dancing through the streets with ominous, thrashing music flowing like a tidal wave at his back.

He was unable to stop himself, pushed beyond pain to actual physical and mental injury by the Demon of the Dance. Confronted by Rubick and his Cubes, George felt words of deep angst flying from his lips, his expressive dance moves terrifying the uncomprehending bullies and sending them in search of less deranged (and potentially dangerous) prey.

Meanwhile, Vya-chan began work on his submarine, inspired by the weekends diving. While busily at work, he began to unravel the mysteries of his new Captain’s Hat – its ability to project an artificial intelligence directly into the wearer’s brain.

Naming his new AI companion Lady Felicity (registration pending, as the AI was cut off from its central control) he learned about a fantastic place called Elysium – the original home of the sunken glass catamaran.

Immediately he headed out onto the docks in search of someone to take him there, approaching the captain of the Krillo – Sharon Susonov. Insistent that she wear the Captain’s Hat (to prove the existence of Lady Felicity) Vya suffered a thorough beating, but was eventually successful (earning him a sliver of respect from the crew).

Accepting that he was only a little insane, Captain Susonov still told him that she wouldn’t risk her crew or her ship on a journey so dangerous as the one to Elysium, and that he would have no better luck with any other on the docks. Blocked only for the moment, Vya headed back to his work (nursing his bruises) to carry on building his submarine, so he could make the journey by himself, if he had to!


stealthH stealthH

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