Session 5

Of favours and friendships

Masae Writes

Nami-chan always seems so forgetful. I suppose its all that glassworking genius. She managed to run out of silver wire for the Sacred Child’s head dress. She was still so busy with other things, that me and the boys decided we’d get her some more. Of course, we should have thought that offer through a little more carefully.

We went along to Mr. Malachi’s jewellery supplies – Mr Malachi is a rat, so his store is up on the roof. I got up there the right way (with a little effort and a few bruises) while Vya-chan of course went way too far, and built himself some kind of laughter-and-lightning powered catapult. I never dare ask how he gets the lightning to happen on cue, just in case I understand the explanation. George and his new-found dancing skills are… a little bit creepy. He actually danced up the outside wall. Ni-san can get where he wants, somehow, and he was waiting by the time we made it up there.

Of course, getting up there was the easy part. We forgot to take any money, and of course even as a favour for the Hayashi nothing is free. So we had to do a favour for Mr. Malachi, and drop off a delivery for him. That sounds easy too, but the bag was just way too big for any of us to carry, and something inside it was moving. I tried to stop George looking inside (its bad manners!) but that silly hair of his… Where was I?

With such a big delivery to make, we immediately knew the most Reliable person to help us out – Dominic Waystreet – Fortitude’s Man with a Van. Vya-chan stayed behind to sort some kind of hoist for the bag, while the rest of us went looking for Mr. Waystreet. It took a little doing to find him. I missed him at the docks, where he had picked up a piano to deliver to Mrs Higgs-Boson, up on the hill. Ni-San met me and George there (of course Ni-san was there first) and we discovered that poor Mr. Waystreet had hurt his back.

He’d be happy to give us a lift, he said, as soon as we picked him up some Tiger-balm from Angela Lake’s Apothecary shoppe. That’s really how its spelt on the sign. She’s a nice enough lady, I suppose, but the witchy shop is a little odd. Of course, she was happy to help too, but asked if we’d mind doing her one little favour…

We ended up back at the House of Crystal dropping off an order note with ‘Dave’ who insisted he wasn’t ‘dodgy’. I have my doubts. With that done, we got back to the apothecaries, got the balm for Dominic, and got a lift back down to the jewellers with him. Vya-chan had gotten bored with his winch and was making a scale model of… I don’t actually know. Luckily, Dominic’s van has a crane of its own, so it was a matter of exploding the straps on… (Vya-chan managed that of course) and off to the docks.

Up to this point, George, who had taken a peek, had been insisting the bag was just ‘full of rocks’ and nothing to worry about. As Dominic was dropping it off the back of his van though, it hissed at us! George yelled something about a giant snake-god, and made a dash back to the jewellers. I can never understand that boy. We had to race daylight by that point – we’d spent the entire day chasing around, and barely got back in time before Mr Malachi closed up.

Nami barely noticed we’d been gone (she didn’t seem to have noticed the sandwich I’d made her before we left – she doesn’t eat enough!) but was pleased to get the wire. The headress is looking wonderful now. I hope Ayumi-san is as pleased when she see’s it tomorrow.

After all that running around, we were all ready to fall down where we stood, but Nami-chan insisted that, after all the hard work (it took a while to explain our day) we should stay for dinner. I’m glad we agreed – the cooks at the House of Crystal are masters at their art. It was exhausting, but in the end, it will all be worth it to see Ayumi looking happy again.


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