Entrepreneur Extrodinare


Dimitri Sacha Iesu Daichi David is my name, others know me by Don’t say I’m dodgy Dave or Just Dodgy Dave for short.

Any’thin you want, I can get it a fraction of the price, no questions asked. You can’t say I’m dodgy with the deals I have. Customer satisfaction is up to themselves

Don’t worry about a thing, I can be trusted with any’thin, me contacts throughout the town can handle just about anything, all perfectly legal of cause. I ain’t heard nothin about ketamine ya hear

You want somethin just gimmie a holler, I can be found at the Hayashi shrine, just tell the receptionist you have some discreet business and I’ll get to you right away.


The origins of my business enterprise go back to when I was a lad, born among a family that sold the dust products from a shrine.
Back then we sold special dust charms, expensive thins they where lots of complicated stuff goin in to makin them. It was then that i had an epiffany with a few nails, some glue, paper and a bit of string you could make something with the same effect most of the time.

It was there that my business took off, with my earnings I went travelling to see the sights of the town and try my hand in new business opportunities. From there I went from success to success, I say the best skill in business is to know when it is time to move on.

It was in fortitude where I met my beau Eriko Itsuki Hayashi

earnestly immoral Hayashi to some
and it was there i decided to settle down. Fortitude is a nice place I can certainly see much business opportunities here.


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