Hayashi Nami

Young glassworker


A young child of Japanese descent, Nami has long dark hair and brown eyes. When working at school or with glass, she keeps her hair in a neat bun to prevent it from getting in her way.

Catchphrase: I’d love to, but I have to work
Emotion/Emote: Determination


Nami is part of the extended Hayashi shrine family, working and living in The House of Crystal. As a second cousin to the main family, she and her younger sister work on the more mundane, but still beautiful glass-works. Nami dreams of working with the truly special, high quality dust to make glass marvels with magical properties. But everyone knows that this honor is restricted to the main family bloodline.

Nami is determined to not let tradition stop her dreams, and works hard to prove to the main family that she is worth breaking tradition for. To this end, Nami aims to be perfect representative of the family; well-spoken, well-educated and, above all, a master glass-worker. When not at school, Nami can be found in the House of Crystal, either dreaming new ideas for her next project or working as part of the family business. Such dedication, however, leaves her little time to truly enjoy her childhood.

She is friends with San Ni, whom her family took in. While at school, she often seeks the advice of her frenemy Vyacheslav Vodinochestve (Vyach-kun). While his perspective and knowledge about clockwork is wonderful for giving her unique ideas, his inclination to make them explode or sacrifice artistry for function is infuriating.

Has quasi-adopted The Man in the Photo.

Hayashi Nami

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