Lady Felicity Registration Pending

Aristocratic Artificial Intelligence from the Federation of Planets.


Real name unknown, Vyacheslav dubbed this Artificial Intelligence “Lady Felicity” due to her aristocratic demeanour. This was extended into “Lady Felicity Registration Pending” after her attempt to register this as her name with the central control to which she is currently unable to connect. It has however been determined that her place of origin is Elysium, capital of the Federation of Planets. As an attempt to restore her connection Vyacheslav endeavoured to reach Elysium but was promptly turned away by Captain (Sharon Susonov ) who informed him of the difficulty of such a journey.

Found on a wrecked catamaran as a projection that is only visible to whoever is wearing the captains hat, Vyacheslav quickly began to ruminate on the possibilities that such an AI could hold for his current submarine project. Whilst no apparent solution presented itself he is intrigued by the idea of somehow integrating her into the submarine as an onboard AI.

Lady Felicity Registration Pending

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