Gentleman, Scholar, HorsePerson


Family and Early Life

Son of DuPont Heiress Cecilia DuPont and working class poet SugerCube HorsePerson. Pferdinand was born into a life of Luxury and excess. As a young Horse-person he discovered his passion for the Theatrical when playing the role of Incitatus ,favored horse and senator to the mad roman Emperor Caligula in the classic stage play "ROME!! A Musical Extravaganza.

Young Life

It was during his time on stage when he engaged in a long string of highly public relationships with various members of high society and began to cultivate his reputation for gentlemanly debauchery.

Fall From Grace

It was during one his legendary Benders that Pferdinand was reported to have coupled with a mere yearling during a week long bender involving copious amounts of opium, a greased jockey and the marquis of Lower Saxony.<citation>. The public outcry generated from this event forced Pferdinand into hiding and after a long and extravagant adventure he arrived intact in body (if not mind) floating into Fortitude.

Involvement with Fortitude and the Gang

When not working on his magnum opus(ium) "ROME 2!! Aint Lead Poisoning Dandy! at his backstreet Tobacconist, he can be found wandering around town observing the antics of the gang and planning the next meeting of Fortitudes “Esteemed and En-nobeled Gentlemen’s Club”.

Training with George Orlov

Empathizing with Orlovs inexplicable obsession with angry dancing, pferdinand offered to tutor George in the art of dance at his secret woodland acting dojo.


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