San Ni

Wandering child of the Horo Rodoku


A Child who wanders around the district of fortitude with an adult sized prayer staff in hand. Seeks excitement while exploring the district, to pass the time until he can rejoin his family on their travels.

San’s head and hands is covered by wrappings and what seems to be a warding talisman with Kanji written on (San Ni) masks San’s face..

Catchprase: This Seems Interesting _
Emotion: I meddle for purely my own amusement.
Bond: Grateful to the Hayashi family

Wandering 2
Stealth Hi Bye 2
Warding charms 1
Random stuff in pockets 1
Staff wielding/waving 1
Empathy 1
Giving Directions -1


Left in the care of the Hayashi Shrine by his family as they left on a dangerous journey that has lasted longer than expected, San resides in one of the deserted shrines of the Hayashi estate in the care of the wizened old Priest Koda who tends to the disused buildings.

San Ni

San Ni

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