The Man in the Photo

May be evil, may just be hungry


Found by our intrepid PC’s when exploring the dark cliffs.

He is seen in photos with his back to the viewer. Wears a nice trilby hat. So far, he can only move in photos when not observed. He appears to be able to take things into photos, or manipulate areas near photos. The extent of these abilities are unknown.

Used to live by a cove in the beach with a nice chair and a lamp that was on without being plugged in. A crate covered in Dust was nearby. He remembers New York

Followed the group back to Fortitude through photos, where Hayashi Nami fed him sandwiches and cookies.

If a photo has a piece of paper & a pencil placed by it, he is able to write when unobserved. He is willing to help with chores for more cookies.

Was quasi-adopted by Nami and also a guest in a photo album at Mitsuya Masae’s house. In the house of crystal, all the photos have been placed in the sun to purify them of dust. This apparently forced the man out of the photos, and so he remained with Masae. When he was discovered by her grandmother, the photo the man was in was taken to the house of crystal. Thanks to Masae’s intrepid skills, the photo was placed into the purifying sunlight with the man still trapped in it.

The Man in the Photo

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