Vyacheslav Vodinochestve

Aspiring mad scientist


A street orphan from Arcadia who came to fortitude to find a home. Lives in a clockwork house that also acts as his guardian.

Catchphrase: I wonder if this will explode?
Emotion/Emote: Eyes light up at mention of science/explosions.


The story of Vyacheslav Vodinochestve is a sad one. Originally a resident of Arcadia, he remembers having parents but can’t seem to recall their names or faces due to their mysterious and sudden disappearance when he was about 2 years old. He was then looked after by his older sister (again, whose name and face he cannot recall) until about the age of 7 when she too mysteriously disappeared. He was now alone with nothing but his street sense to keep him going, acquiring what he needed to survive primarily through pickpocketing, stealing and begging. It was here that he first heard tales of a place called fortitude, where one always has a home to go to.

Being a resident of Arcadia Vyacheslav quickly found he had a natural love and affinity for machinery. Amongst his many acquisitions can be found dismantled pocket watches and other such contraptions taken by his natural curiosity for such things. It was on such an venture that he met Optim Primus. Drawn to the weird and wonderful clockwork house inconspicuously found nestled on the outskirts of Arcadia, he was caught by the elderly (and possibly slightly mad) machinist rifling through his collection of high-tech and overly complicated bottle openers. However, after finding out that Vyacheslav was not there simply to sell the goods to a fence, but because he was in fact fascinated by such things, he took the young boy in as a sort of apprentice, schooling him in the wonders of innovation. It was Optims influence which inspired Vyacheslav to aspire to delve as deep as he possibly could into the dark and forbidden depths of science, and all was going well until one day Optim died suddenly of a heart attack brought on by the rather sudden and unexpected explosion of his latest contraption.

Suddenly alone (again) he decided to walk to fortitude based on the tales he had heard from his days on the streets. When he got there he found another of Optims clockwork houses. Previously no one in fortitude had managed to find a way in but when Vyacheslav approached, the door opened wide in a welcoming gesture.

Vyacheslav Vodinochestve

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