Tag: NPC


  • Higashiyama Kobo

    A competent fisherman on the Big Lake. His elderly mother [[Higashiyama Suzuko | Suzuko]] is kept company by [[Mitsuya Masae | Mitsuya Masae]].

  • Higashiyama Suzuko

    The elderly mother of [[Higashiyama Kobo | Higashiyama Kobo]] is a matronly lady kept company by [[Mitsuya Masae | Mitsuya Masae]]. In some ways she is very traditional, feeling that Masae's 'fanciful obsession' with sports, and Kendo in particular, is …

  • Optim Primus - The brilliant (not mad) inventor

    Nothing is known of Optim Primus' past, not even by the man himself. The are rumours he comes from a far off land known as "Cybertronica", and that he is in fact not man, but machine. Neither of these have been confirmed though, and so they remain nothing …

  • Ms Trunchball

    Headmistress at the Ceiba School (The school for the northern Terakoya catchment area). A terrifying woman, who (according to the stories) once threw a girl right over the walls, using her pigtails as a handle.

  • Katrina Yamanov

    Katrina-sama is a very stern lady, once a Sacred Child and now tasked with instructing [[:ayumi | Ayumi]] in the duties and ceremonies that come with that title. She is a fearsome taskmistress, not above correcting her young pupil with force if necessary …

  • Dominic Waystreet

    Mr Dominic Waystreet is Fortitude's Reliable delivery man, and the proud owner of Fortitudes only van. [[File:593952 | class=media-item-align-left | dominic.jpg]] [[File:593955 | class=media-item-align-right | 300x190px | dom_s_truck.jpg]]

  • The Man in the Photo

    Found by our intrepid PC's when exploring the dark cliffs. He is seen in photos with his back to the viewer. Wears a nice trilby hat. So far, he can only move in photos when not observed. He appears to be able to take things into photos, or manipulate …

  • Lady Felicity Registration Pending

    Real name unknown, Vyacheslav dubbed this Artificial Intelligence "Lady Felicity" due to her aristocratic demeanour. This was extended into "Lady Felicity Registration Pending" after her attempt to register this as her name with the central control to …