Blue Bell Park

Blue Bell isnt really in just one place you know?

Its realy easy to find though, so long as there are two of you.

one of you needs to say “Shall we go to Blue Bell Park?”, and if the other person says “yes” then the park will almost always be just around the next corner.

There are a couple of things you should know though. The park sort of makes emotions… stronger.

its a great place to go with someone you like and love, especially if they like and love you back. You will have the nicest time EVER :) its really cool, before I became a teenager my mum used to take me there all the time.

Its not such a nice place if your there with someone you dont like though; things tend get out of hand quite quickly. Oh and the Wish Fairies live there, which makes it a really awesome place for card-dueling if your into that sort of thing, and don’t mind dying too much.

  • Emotions must have a tangible impact on the world.
  • People must honor customs and forms.
  • Events must repeat themselves until something transformative happens.
  • The lake must be tranquil.
  • Everyone must have musical talent.
  • A terrible power must sleep among the bluebells by the lake.

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Blue Bell Park

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