Clockwork houses

Possibly the only creation of the genius inventor Optim Primus to not be blown up upon its completion. One can find these mysterious devices scattered all over Town due to Optims penchant for getting bored of a location quickly.


Whenever he would move elsewhere the first order of business was always to make another house for him to dwell in. For some reason he always left them standing after using them despite never returning to the same house again. A theory for this may lie in the fact that passers by have often noted that the house seemed to watching them, as if it was somehow sentient. Optims failure to blow them up may be that house itself refused to do so and thwarted any attempt he might make to enact his plan.

The houses possess a peculiar trait in that very few people are allowed inside. Only those whome the house deems worthy, or in need may set foot inside. Most of the time this estends to a period of up to a week, at which point the resident may find themselves waking up the next morning outside the front porch. The only exceptions to this rule so far have been Optim himself and his street orphan apprentice, Vyacheslav Vodinochestve.

Clockwork houses

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