The chaos of The Outside takes physical form here in Town. It can be dangerous if it builds up in large quantities. You need to keep your house clean, and you need a Dust catcher.

But its cool as well. Sure, most dust is dangerous and needs to be processed by the shrine families ; but some of it, a little pinch of the good stuff, can make things so much better. Like, beautiful and a bit magical. Just make sure you clean out your dust catcher regularly.

If you are a bit Bleak, or have some other emotional issue, Dust seems to be attracted to those types of people more than others. Maybe its just because when your depressed you tend not to clean or shower quite as often as you should. Or maybe its something else, like the Dust knows your vulnerable to it somehow? nah….

Anyway if your surrounded by Dust for too long, it can get into you. It makes your issues worse, it calls out to the Bleak and your likely to become obsessive and weird. Not to mention the Transformations and general Witchiness. don’t worry though, so long as it gets caught early enough you can be packed off to Little Island for a holiday and the Sun will shine the Dust right out of you. More chronic cases of Dust infestation may have to be treated at Soma Village or Horizon School

If left untreated, you will become too dangerous to be allowed to remain in Town, or anywhere else vaguely civilized in the Multiverse; so you will be sent to the Bleak Academy

But that hardly ever happens, most people die long before then!

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