Interesting and important People in Fortitude

Chuubo the wishing boy

Jade Inalka – the now deceased Goddess of the Sun

Gold tassels = Dependable Peoples

Hedonistic HorsePeople

Pferdinand – Gentleman,Scholar, HorsePerson

Aristocratic Artificial Intelligence

Felicity Registration Pending

The Regional Council

Kiminko Dinsbury – Dependable Person, organiser
Amelia Kozlov (“I see you’re in a jam”)
Dominic Way street – Dependable Person, owns the pickup truck!

Blue Braids

- Friends to Nature

Blue Rat Boy – dock vagrant
Elaine Fry – American marine biologist
Dr Kiyomizu – Veterinarian (Chimera specialist)

Sacred Children


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Interesting and important People in Fortitude

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