Session 2

Jealousy and the solidarity of friends

Masae writes

The festival of sorrows approaches, and everyone has been busily preparing. Nami-chan has been especially hard at work on her project, but we managed to get to school on time even so.

Mr Tobyin (the basketball coach and also our history teacher) seems to be jealous that Masae is focusing on cross country this semester, and his monday morning pop quiz was aimed at making her feel stupid. She managed to be gracious about it, but George and Vya -san decided they would get even on her behalf.

Tuesdays is home econimics with Ms. Green, who was delighted to have Masae with the cross country team. She helped her as much as possible with the pasta sauce, but somehow, Masae’s just didn’t turn out quite right. ‘Leave to thicken’ should not mean a sauce becomes a solid. George also managed to set fire to an oven, in a much more literal sense than most people do.

The revenge prank on Mr. Tobyin happened on thursday. Nami distracted him while Ni-san snuck into his teaching room with an exploding foam cake. It exploded a little more spectacularly than expected, and flooded the whole school with foam. everything seems much cleaner, and slightly lemon scented. School was cancelled on friday, while the foam was brought back under control.

It looks like the man in the picture must be getting hungry. I think he took my neighbours budgie, Arthur. Poor little Arthur. I really hope he just got out of his cage.


stealthH stealthH

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