Session 3

Shall we go to bluebell park?

Masae writes

After the prank on thursday, we all got to spend our fridays at home. Parents (or adoptive grandparents) are not good news for children with a free day off school. It meant a lot of extra chores.

Grandmother Suzuko was curious to know why her photo albums had been moved around so often, and after some while under her very polite watch I had to explain. We managed to find the man in the photos, and she sent me to The House of Crystal to get the picture cleaned. Rubick and his Cubes tried to interfere, but the picture was delivered safely and sunlight will do the rest.

On saturday, we went to Blue Bell Park, which is looking lovely at this time of year. We walked down to the boating lake, and the boys were excited to see there was to be a model ship display. Nami-chan seemed a little worried about something, so we went for a walk for a little while. We found somewhere peaceful amongst the bluebells to relax. My flute-playing is improving I think, and Nami’s sketches were very nice. It was exactly what we both needed to be doing.

We got back to the boating lake to find that Vya-chan and George had gotten involved, in that very explosive way they often do. The loud and expressive tones of the 1812 Overture, scored for 27 part orchestra and battleship was just coming to its end as we got to the bandstand. They seemed very pleased with themselves over all the noise. (I have to admit, they did a very good job with the piece. Just don’t tell them I said so).

On sunday, George offered to take us all fishing on his boat. We were expecting something pretty, or at least functional, but it was a bit of a wreck. Nami was on the verge of refusing, but George used that winning smile of his, and before we knew it we were rowing along the edge of the lake. I wish I knew how he gets his hair to do that!

In the end, we didn’t go fishing. Instead, we ended up diving. George’s tall tales for once turned out quite true, and we found some very interesting looking ship wrecks. One was all glass, a two-hulled thing with strange lights running through the hull. We all came back with a souvenir. George swears he saw a mermaid, but I think he might just be making that up.


great stuff! :) made me smile when i read it

Session 3
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