Session 6

High Tea and Dancing

Masae writes

We managed to get Ayumi out of the house entirely today! We picked her up early, so we would have plenty of time (if Katrina-sama became… distracted) and we could have some fun. To stretch the morning out, just in that didn’t happen, we convinced Katrina-sama that we should really stop and make sure we had an appropriate tea… the Sacred Child couldn’t be expected to drink just any old blend after all.

Of course we went to Mr and Mrs Mi’s Fine Tea The sign out front is a little bright, and the usual customers at the front counter can be really odd, but they are the finest tea blending masters in Fortitude.

I’m always amazed by just how many blends they carry. I’ve never known them to run out of anything (Grandmother swears by their Hojicha Fire-on-the-mountain blend). They have a little sampling area to the side, where we had a chance to try the days offerings. We bought the one Ayumi liked most – Gentle Lotus with Phoenix Feathers. Smooth and tasty, with a little bit of heat. Mrs Mi explained that was a gift from the Phoenix. I’m not sure if she was making a joke, or if she was serious. It’s hard to tell in this Town.

We got to the House of Crystal without any more trouble, and with Katrina-sama looming too close. When we got there, I was worried that we might not get a chance to steal Ayumi away from her side, but George (bless him!) rose to the occasion. I never knew he’d learned Ballet! By whatever magic it was, he swept Katrina-sama right off, and with Ni-san keeping a close eye on them, me, Ayumi and Nami-chan ducked inside. I could never admit it to their faces, but I really am grateful to those boys. We, and especially Ayumi, would never had had so much fun without their help.

We got the fitting done very quickly – Nami had already gotten most of the work done of course, so that barely ate into our plans. We explored the house of Crystal, and the first time Ayumi has been able to run around for ages, I think. She asked to go up into the Hayashi Lighthouse, and of course, Nami-chan arranged that. It’s a good job she was along, as the locks need more than just a key to get through. Of course the lighthouse is important, so that only makes sense.

Ayumi seemed really nervous while we waited for Nami to get the key, and it turned out just to be because she wanted to fly a kite. Again, I suppose thats not something the Sacred Child does – it might be fun, and Katrina-sama would consider that wasted time. We made kites (Ayumi’s was the best – crafts are part of her training) and we went right to the top of the lighthouse tower to fly them.

Ayumi actually laughed as the breeze caught the kites and took them up into the air. When a gust caught her kite and pulled it out of her hand, I managed to get hold of the string before it got away. I lost mine, but it was worth it to see Ayumi happy. She lifted herself up on the railings, and with the wind catching her hair just then, you could almost believe she was flying…

I’m going to do everything I can to give her have another day like today. Even just an hour like that one. I promised her. And seeing how happy she was, its a promise I can’t let myself break.


stealthH stealthH

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