Health wounds and Mitigation

most normal humans have 2 ‘normal’ wounds

your PC has two normal wounds and a ‘tough’ wound as well

Being punched around will inflict a normal wound. When your two normal wounds are full, that is it, you don’t get any more damage from that level of injury. It takes something more serious to hurt you after that

getting hit with an axe? That’s a tough wound! If you take a tough wound, all your pre-existing normal wounds are removed.

if you get another two normal wounds after receiving a tough – your PC is dead, kaput, out of the game (for at least one session, maybe even longer, maybe even forever!)

Mitigate wounds

you can choose to mitigate wounds

You still sort of take the wound… but you kind of don’t. Something is done to your PC by the injury instead. maybe you develop a new bond or affliction, or an issue

e.g. 1 issue – stabbed in the chest (level 1 to 5): you have been stabbed in the chest. you leak blood all the time, maybe the knife blade is still in there, and there is no doctor skilled enough to remove it? You set off metal detectors and every action you perform from now until the wound is healed is faced with a (level 1 to 5) obstacle.

e.g. 2 affliction – Bitten by a werewolf (level 1 to 5) – you are a werewolf! At level one maybe you grow adorable wolf ears and a tail in the full moon. At level five? yeah that’s bad… better go into the wild and stay away from people at that time of the month… some sort of silver cage may be in order as well.

wounds are good!

So the wounds you receive can be to your advantage. If you have a broken arm, and its in a sling maybe the normal wound gives you +1 tool for hiding small objects? Or if you have a black eye maybe you get a +1 tool to evoking sympathy from others?

Maybe you get hit by a gorgons gaze, but instead killing you outright it infects your arm – maybe you now have a +2 tool ‘cursed arm’ the skin is like stone – you cant feel anything, but its really good for deflecting bullets and stuff (yay! :) )… swimming is not a thing you can do anymore though (boo! :( )

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Health wounds and Mitigation

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