Injuries and Wounds

Injuries and Wounds

There are several types of injury a character can sustain. All wounds show on your character some way, but it does not have to be deep and visceral physical damage. Perhaps pirates shoot at you and get a ‘tough’ wound (Yikes! what are you doing, shouldn’t you be in school? Go get an adult immediately!) . You don’t have to portray that wound as a hole blasted through your stomach. It could be a shard of stone from the wall next to you has ripped your jacket as the bullet struck it – but the emotional trauma of such a near brush with death at the hands of pirates? That is what the tough wound represents.

Normal wounds

‘Normal wounds’ represent being roughed up a bit, perhaps falling off set of step ladders, or being caught lone by a gang of bullies who beat you up and take your dinner money. But wounds are not all physical. The bullies didn’t just smack you around a bit, they took your money and your dignity..the bruises are trivial, but now you cant get the bus home, and your heart is damaged.

Normal wounds never escalate into tough wounds. Fall off that step ladder every day, get your pocket money stolen every day; it will only ever fill in normal wound boxes. It still sucks; but it won’t kill you.

Tough wounds

‘Tough wounds’ are the same but more so. Fall off a roof, get hit with an axe, or find out your dog died while you were at school; they are all tough wounds.

Divine wounds

There are higher (Divine) wound levels. Divine damage can only be inflicted by magic points or similar reality altering events. Being hit by dragon fire, having a mountain drop on you, or being cursed by a witch to ‘be a frog until you sleep in the bed of a princess’ : They are all divine wounds.

Healing and recovery

So wounds recover at about the rate you would expect – a couple of weeks for a black eye to no longer be visible, a couple of months for broken bones to heal. but some wounds go deeper. Do we ever really recover from the damage we do ourselves when we steal that little kids lunch money?

So it can be subjective to decide how long it takes to heal. Some wounds may never heal without completing a quest, or even an arc. Being possessed by a Dance Demon may well be something your character has to live with for the rest of its short life. Unless you complete a quest to expel the Demon, or become friends with it and get it to quit your body peaceably and go home. Or perhaps you learn what kind of demon it REALLY is and decide its too dangerous to be let out of you; but that’s OK. It saves reality and someone has to do it. May as well be you right? Sounds like you have come to terms with your inner demon and that’s the way to heal the tough wound the possession inflicts on you

Wound bonus

But its not all bad. wounds can give you a bonus. If it is in keeping you can use your wounds to your advantage – getting revenge on the guy who killed your dog? That tough wound can act as +2 bond to help in that act

The sling your arm is in since you fell off the step ladder? its a perfect place to hide small objects, get a +1 bond for hiding things, all thanks to that normal wound.

If you take your first tough wound it wipes out all pre-existing normal wounds

Character ‘death’

if you fill in all your wound boxes on your character sheet your character is ‘dead’ – at least for a while, in whatever way relates to the wounds received. Perhaps you become so sad, you run away into the wilds and are not seen again for years?

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Injuries and Wounds

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