Mitsuya Masae

Pulled half drowned from the Big Lake, Masae has been adopted by the fisherman Higashiyama Kobo as a companion to his elderly mother, Suzuko.

Her traditional Japanese upbringing aside, Masae is energetic and forthright, pursuing sports at school, with a particular focus towards the forms of Kendo.

A grudgingly accepted invitation to a magic lantern showing at George Orlov’s house introduced her to the wonders of martial arts movies, and she has been an avid watcher ever since. The classics; Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, Jackie Chan in Drunken Master, Gordon Liu’s role in The 36th Chamber of ShaolIn and the TV series Journey to the West (Monkey) are among her favourites.

While she has kept the details secret, her close friends are aware that she is studying much more than Kendo – she intends to become a full-blown samurai warrior. Between school work and chores, she spends as many waking hours as she can studying with Sensei Hitoshi at the Whispered Dojo, secreted somewhere in the heart of Fortitude. Most people don’t like to talk about the Dojo, as it doesn’t fit the quiet pace of life in Town. Those who know why the school is permitted to remain open are careful to say nothing, leading to all kinds of stories about it.

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Mitsuya Masae

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