Mr and Mrs Mi's Fine Tea

Stop in and try this weeks unique blends!

The tea shop run by Hiyoko Mi and her husband is small… at least on the outside. A big neon sign means you can’t miss it going along the street, and the front counter is always crowded. No one is quite sure when he came to Fortitude, or how, but Mr. Deckard must be their most loyal customer – he is always there in his battered looking trenchcoat.

Inside, the shop is much bigger than one might think. There is a tasting area, and the big counter where Mrs Mi does her mixing, packaging and from where she can call our orders to her husband. The air is always heavily scented with tea, never quite the same but always pleasant. Along the back wall, racks of jars and little waxed-paper pouches of tea leaves wait to be mixed or measured out.

There is something about the racks – they go back, and sideways, and upwards, further than a shop should allow. How the Mi’s arranged it they have never said, but there are always more shelves than any shop should hold.

The teas themselves come from all over the worlds… if you ask for a blend that’s ‘out of this world’ you will get exactly what you asked for, and if that isn’t what you expected, its wise to remember that Hiyoko Mi does not offer refunds.

The sample counter is rotated regularly, and you can never be sure quite how the flavours will turn out. Here are a few of the many blends you might get to sample:

Jade Tiger blend, with green smoke A robust green tea, with strong aromatic steam. Invigorating.

Old sock with Cheese You wouldn’t think so, but it is actually a very popular tea with some of Town’s old men. It’s not clear why.

The blind Seamstress Weeps Softly One of Mrs Mi’s experimental blends. Its perfect for sitting in melancholic solitude, watching the rain steal away the colour from the sky…

Green Tea with Fruit Extractions A pleasant pick-me-up, with fruit overtones to bring a smile to your face

Gentle Lotus with Phoenix Feathers A very smooth tea, with a touch of spicy heat from the Phoenix. This has suddenly become popular, after a very important visitor declared it her favourite.

Hojicha Fire on the Mountain A very spicy tea, which will leave you feeling much more alert after a full cup. And perhaps in need of a glass of water, too.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
A rich golden green colour with a chestnut scent. Its lingering taste well suited to a Red Jacket (Da Hong Pao) blend. Only the most elite customers are offered these two teas however.

Mr and Mrs Mi's Fine Tea

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