Entry 1

Dear Diary,

It has been an interesting week, as so many of them are in Fortitude.
School work continues to to be hard work, but Suzuko-Ue has kindly reminded me that a sharp mind is a treasure that cannot be taken away, only squandered.

Speaking of squandering minds, Ni-San and Vya-San have been getting up to further tricks, which The Headmistress was very upset about. I know Rubick and his Cubes (they do hate that name) can be a pain, but those boys let their little revenge scheme get really out of hand this time. Building a catapult, let along firing it halfway across Town is downright dangerous. I had a difficult time holding my tongue when Ms. Trunchball was demanding answers.

Still, the messes continue to come. Our saturday was spent cleaning the roof of the House of Crystal after a sudden invasion by seagulls, of all things. I know its not the worst job we could have been handed (and we did get to spend the day on the roof!) but it made me late for my lessons, and Sensei was careful to be very forgiving. He knows that just makes me feel worse, but I suppose I should have kept better track of the time.

The afteroon was an interesting one. The rat in charge of herding the seagulls back to where they belonged (he was riding an eagle! It was very impressive) mentioned that they had come from the Shadowed Cliffs, and that we should stay well away from whatever had disturbed them. So of course we packed a picnic and set off to see what all the fuss was about.

The run up to the cliffs was quite exhilerating (for me, anyway; I think perhaps the boys need to take more exercise and spend less time with their clockwork nonsense). We made it down to the shadowy little stretch of beach and found a strange container – a huge box packed full of strange furniture. There was a chair and a reading lamp set up as though someone had been in the middle of a book and looking out onto the Big Lake, but there was no one in sight. Not just that, there were hundreds of pictures all spread out around the chair, it was very odd.

Strangest of all, there was someone in the pictures. Not just the same face in several of them, but someone moving between picture frames! He snatched our picnic basket right off the beach without us even seeing it. We didn’t wait around in case he grabbed one of us too. I don’t know why, but he seems to have followed me home. I’m a little worried about what he’ll do in Town, but I really can’t think who to tell about it.

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Entry 1

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