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Fortitude is the district near the main Docks and the Ferry on Big lake, its kind of a big deal because more or less everything cool or important gets pulled up in the fishing nets sooner or later.


here in fortitude you earn general XP by

  • Shared Action
  • Shared Reactions
  • Slice of Life

Last week they pulled up series nine of Game of Thrones! Everyone is excited and can’t wait to watch it. Mrs Krupin will show it on her magic lantern on Saturday evening. Its so unfair only the grown ups get to watch it.

Sometimes things get dragged up out of the waters of the big lake that are sort of spooky, maybe even dangerous. Mostly the fishermen spot those and they will be thrown straight back, mostly.

The trade ships come here first as well. Wine from the very best vintages freshly bottled, the latest scrolls and data-dots from The Great Library (one and two), Tungsten and Dragon scale drill-bits; it all comes here first. Though most of it doesn’t stay here of course. It usually gets traded to some elsewhen merchant sooner or later.

anyway there is a few things you should know about if your going to live here, or you can go straight to the Player Journals





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