The heart of the Sosunov family is the main family home, all high white stone and red cobbled walks—their airy retreat with the blades of grass poking up between the stones and the scattered leaves drifting down, with the great domed central temple and the three-story
library towers, down by the Twisting River’s banks. A statue of Miruna Sosunov looks down over clasped and peaceful hands; practicing the family’s meditative techniques, she is said to have achieved enlightenment, and her spirit watches over the family still.

It is a place of ethereal refinement, the Sosunov household, separated from the concerns of the waking world. And this is fitting, for their concern is dreams; their role, to guard the dreams of Fortitude.

sometimes the Dust gets into peoples Dreams, and the Susonov make sure that that does not become a problem. their access to the Dream world is also a very valuable navigation aid for those who ply the Big Lake. Most human ships have at least one Susonov crew member to help the ship find its path between the ways.

The Susonov also play the usual important role in Fortitude life of a Shrine family: Processing dust (which they burn as incense that is soporific and induces the most vivid dreams) and participating in the ritual aspects of life here in Town and Fortitude


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